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Welcome to my photographic web site

My name is Adam "AJB2K3" Bryant and I have had an interest in photography for as long as I can remember. What I can't remember is what got me interested.

I have had many camera's over the years, mostly simple kid friendly 35mm cameras that mum got me in Boots the chemist and "spy" camera's that was given away free with a film!. My first real interest in photography was on a trip to Ireland where my dad lent me his fujifilm S5000 after he purchased the newer fujifilm S9600, and things went on from there.

The S5000 is alas now dead after suffering a sensor fault. However that was the push I needed to move to SLR. First I picked up a 35mm SLR in a freesale event but never had the nearve to waist film to try it out. My Current camera is a Sony Alpha 230. Although it's the lowest of the range I didn't see the point of paying the extra for the dodad's on the other two in the range.

Please feel free to browse around the site and if you see anything wrong or amiss please let me know by emailing me or letting me know via